Why Every Brand Must Have an ORM Strategy

Regardless of your company being a corporate firm or a personal brand, with things doing digital, online reputation management, short for ORM is immensely important for your business.

ORM is defined as the management and influencing of a corporate or individual brands reputation. This is, for the most part, done through search engine reputation management via advanced optimization tactics.

Google gets around 100 billion searches in one month on an average. Assuming roughly 3 billion users have internet access, by doing the math, it comes to roughly 33 searches per user per month. Half these searchers will have done the search from their mobile device.orm Picture credits: Grid Technology Solutions.

Importance of ORM

 ORM is a great method for a company’s sales, marketing and overall branding aimed at optimizing the top of the sales funnel, It is also great for a brand’s profitability when it’s discovered by potential customers and eventually when they are in the process of making a purchase decision.

Online reputation management is rapidly gaining a lot of recognition as an extremely profitable activity which can lead to better the overall image of a brand as well as getting rid of negative reviews. 95% of searchers don’t end up crossing the first page of the search results and so the listings that appear for a search must be of utmost importance for a good first impression. Strong branding can pave the way for opportunities for business owners to be more recognized compared to their rivals from the same industry or niche. ORM leads to brand exposure, ability to attract and keep young talent and keep employees motivated to deliver for the brand. Good ORM involves making sure your brand’s positive aspects shine more compared to the negative news and reviews about it and eventually making sure you rank on the first page of SERP.

Role of ORM in Brand Management

The rising of influencers online in 2015 has to lead to an increase in the importance of ORM as a strategy for the optimization of your digital reputation touch points to boost credibility and online reach. Online reputation management experts are constantly monitoring Google’s evolution and constant changes in the Page Rank algorithm. The advent of technologies yet to be introduced in the market such as bots that may perform a combination of functionality of different, multiple apps, apps that may be streamed in the future instead of being downloaded, not to mention virtual reality or VR, influencers will have more forms of reaching their audience and the role of ORM will be extended.

Brand management is evolving at a rate comparable to that of which the internet is changing. Since Google search and SEO are so tightly intertwined with the reach, awareness, and presence of a brand that business owners have to be in touch with the competition via a 4 pillared approach. Let’s say you own a digital marketing agency in Mumbai – your focus for most clients would be on the bottom 4 aspects or pillars of marketing:

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • ORM

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Every business owner has one question when it comes to any technique – what kind of value is this going to provide to me? If you’re a social media company in Mumbai, your clients are going to be wondering how exactly your social media campaign is going to get them the results they are looking for. Networking and digital reputation is everything for today’s influencers. Here are some of the benefits of online reputation management –

  1. Increased amounts of traffic on Google

An optimized ORM conveys that you have put your best foot forward which leads to an increase in traffic coming to your website

  1. Better Inbound Lead Generation

An ORM monitored by professionals means the quality of prospects that make it down your sales funnel are more likely to have bought into your value proposition, be high quality and more easily convert, Is high and easily convertible.

  1. Increased conversion rate

Apart from actually having a great reputation, customers will also give recognition to your quality of products and services leading to a genuine increased intent to make a conversion paving the way for higher sales

  1. Better Content & Social Media Strategy

One of the benefits of ORM is that it let you know what content and social media gimmicks are working best for your brand is tangible SEO metrics. The advent of video and images along with other forms of multimedia have cause ORM to get even more emphasis on how to create more engaging and relevant content to boost rankings and bury negative news that could possibly tarnish your brand’s image.


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